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RapidFire Trail Camera
HyperFire Trail Camera
Roscoby Video Camera
WiFi Pendant
CNC Cut Limestone
Crossbow Forearm Stock
Menards 2 Piece Deck Post Ring
Archery Site Cover
Image Gallery
RapidFire Trail Camera This was the first custom designed enclosure we were privileged to create for Reconyx.

Visit Reconyx here
HyperFire Trail Camera This is the new design for the Reconyx trail cameras. We were excited to be called back and able to be a part of this new design.

Visit Reconyx here
Roscoby Video Camera This is a unique, one of a kind design. We were fortunate to be called upon by Roscoby to help bring this to life. It is a digital video camera that you can mount directly to your bow.

Visit Roscoby here
WiFi Pendant This project came to us from R.F. Technologies with the design mostly done but wanting changes made. With our non-parametric software, we were able to make all the changes easily to get this product to market fast.

Visit RF Technologies here
CNC Cut Limestone We have CNC programmed many configurations of these limestone blocks used for architectural design for a company called Texas Cut Stone.

Visit Texas Cut Stone here
Crossbow Forearm Stock This is a forearm stock for a cross bow at Parker Bows.

Visit Parker Bows here
Menards 2 Piece Deck Post Ring We were asked to come up with a way to make this Menards part a 2 piece part for assembly after the deck post was in place. We were able to design this part so that each piece is identical and connects to itself without costly snap features.
Archery Site Cover This is a cover for an archery peep site to protect it from twigs and things bumping the sites off target.
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